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      The Engaging Charter


      Each of us is loved and loves.

      Each of us has someone to go home to, who is waiting for us to come home.

      Do it safely for them!

      Engage Safety was born from the United Kingdom Electricity Supply Industry.  An industry of proud heritage, competence, friendliness and expertise.  All these elements are in the Engage DNA, It’s how we do business, it’s the way it is!

      A passion for engagement and client satisfaction and hence repeat business is our core business ideology.  Each of the Engage Safety subject experts will travel anywhere to meet anyone who is serious about improving their safety culture within a power industry environment. That could be CCGT, coal, oil, renewable or in a retail office environment, it matters not, just get the kettle on and the hobnobs ready!

      When a job is finished, we always ask…….Was that the best outcome for us and the client?  Did we do what you asked of us and is there a positive legacy?  We only consider a job complete when both we and the client are happy to say yes to both questions.

      Post training on our events, every course is scrutinised and records kept to demonstrate an enthusiasm for continuing improvement.  We will take on board good ideas, capture and share them with others and will give freely of our own safety knowledge and experience without limits.

      Where expertise beyond core safety is required, we have specialists on call with a lifetime of power station experience to hand.  These include senior personnel at all management levels. Most situations where advice is required can be catered for.  Calling and talking is welcomed and costs nothing!

      Engage Safety could be your solution waiting to happen.  Call and find out if we are what we say!

      photo: Jason Simms