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      What Our Clients Say

      “Having used Engage Safety for the first time this year, it was clear from the staff feedback that we would look to use Martin’s services again. His past experiences and knowledge of working and engaging with staff in both an operational and decommissioning environment resonated perfectly with the site team. Martin is very professional, engaging and enthusiastic to help tailor his services to meet your needs. Above all he has the skills and personality to get staff to Engage Safely.”

      Paul Hook
      Decommissioning Project Manager, Scottish & Southern Energy
      Ferrybridge Power Station

      “Martin is a very experienced and knowledgeable safety professional whom I had the opportunity to work with on a large CCGT replant project in the UK.

      His common sense approach coupled with a unique ability to engage appropriately with individual craft labour through to senior management was a key factor in moulding a positive safety culture on site.

      Issues were always viewed as opportunities and I would highly recommend Martin as a safety professional.  He brings a lot more than vast experience and a wealth of knowledge to a team, he is also equipped with an infectious enthusiasm, great sense of humour and his unique energy is guaranteed to inspire the team “to do the right thing”!”

      Mick Donnelly
      GE Regional EHS Manager North Europe

      “I have worked closely with Martin over the last 10 years delivering a sensible approach to Confined Space Safety within the power sector.
      Martin’s passion is to engage all personnel on site from the Apprentice through to Senior Management in the culture of safety.
      His enthusiasm and professional approach has always been a key strength in delivering a safe working environment
      I would recommend Martin to any company looking for fresh ideas in how to achieve a workable safety culture.”

      Stuart Harvey
      Managing Director
      Rockfield Confined Space Services

      “‪I have known Martin for over 10 years as we worked closely together in the power sector and I found him to be an excellent communicator.‪

      Martin is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, passionate and helpful person with a wide variety of expertise in safety, engineering and training.‪

      Martin’s innovative and imaginative approach ensures such a vast and dry subject is easily understood by all.

      Martin is pragmatic in his approach and uses sound judgment understanding the risks, to ensure practicable solutions are implemented.‪

      Martin showcases his core skills perfectly through Engage Safety Ltd UK. ‪

      Working with Martin is easy as he has a likeable character and friendly nature.‪

      I have no hesitation in recommending Martin in either a personal or professional capacity.”

      Mike Lane
      Engineering & Maintenance coordinator at RWE

      “Engage Safety, ‘does what it says on the tin’.
      Martin really does engage at all levels. We experienced this first hand when he presented the ‘Eye on the Ball’ training package at Ferrybridge.
      I have no doubt that Martins ‘no-nonsense’ approach helped to captivate every member of staff who attended. This was proven by the fact that we received some of the best ever collective feedback comments of any course held at Ferrybridge.
      I would highly recommend using Martin – he provided us with a great service, which was tailored to suit our needs!”

      Lee Rossiter
      Technical Author (Process Safety) Ferrybridge Power Station

      “In the time I have spent working with Martin, both in General Safety but primarily delivering Behavioural Safety Workshops, I have been struck by his ability to work and engage with people, a skill that should not be overlooked or taken “as read”. Extremely knowledgeable in both safety and power generation, Martin stands out for his ability to engage with whomever he meets. Cufflinks to coal face, he delivers!”

      Jim Paine
      Safety Advisor/Engineer at Aberthaw Power Station

      “We began working with Martin in 2012, on a health and safety initiative that spanned a leading power company’s UK sites. It was clear from the beginning that Martin was passionate about improving the health and safety of working conditions for everyone at these sites. However, Martin isn’t a ‘jobsworth’ when it comes to health and safety, just following the rules for the sake of following the rules.

      Quite the contrary! Martin is keen to develop solutions that actually work, rather than just tick boxes. He explores all the issues behind what make health and safety practices effective – the psychological inputs, the practical aspects, the solutions that make sense for the business as well as the individual.

      Above all, Martin is a great communicator. He was an engaging and natural presenter in the health and safety films we made with him. We also witnessed his day-to-day interactions with colleagues and contractors. He conveyed his health and safety messages with authority and respect for the individual, clearly establishing an easy rapport with everyone on site, regardless of their role.

      AON Productions looks forward to working with Martin in the future!”

      Geoffrey Bicker and Jo Spencely at AON Productions.

      photo: Jason Simms