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      Behavioural & Emotional Safety training


      Our newly revised flagship programme is acknowledged widely as one of the most effective and engaging ways to train power industry staff at any level.  This one day course looks to leverage our emotional needs to influence our behavioural thinking.  This is about love and family, a powerful force when combined with simple theory, tips and tactics to raise your staff’s safety game.

      The programme is hard hitting, personal and genuinely good fun…..and always leaves people in a better place to question and act on their own safety beliefs and those of others around them. There is no pass/fail, just emotional learning designed to be embedded and become second nature.

      In a packed day candidates will question why mistakes happen at work and what are the driving factors that potentially compromise them getting home?  They’ll learn how to recognise the warning signs.  We’ll teach strategies to help keep your staff focused on what matters and see the difference it makes.

      Good fun….but……Mission impossible!!

      Building a spaghetti tower against the clock and whilst trying to ‘name that tune’ !

      photo: Mick Furby